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OpSec… As Important As Locking Your Door

Want to leave behind spam calls, texts and emails? In this post, Mike Hudson shares how OpSec could come to your rescue.

YCSC March Webinar Meeting Minutes

In this month's webinar, we cover offensive security and the CISO debate, read our minutes to learn more.

Yzabelle Bostyn March 22, 2023
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Skills Working Group Meeting 15/03/2023

YCSC Skills Lead Alsa Tibbit gives an overview of her latest research into national skills provision as funded by UKC3. 

Digital Forensics In A Nutshell

Want to learn about digital forensics but don't know where to start? Read this article by expert Shahzrad Zargari to learn more.

Shahrzad Zargari March 17, 2023
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February 2023 Skills Meeting

In this skills meeting, Nicky Bodily from CiiSec gives a talk on Cyber EPQ and Baasit Saddiqui talks about Cyber Explorers.

Yzabelle Bostyn February 16, 2023
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The YCSC Relaunch January 2023

We started 2023 with a bang, holding three successful events. In this post, we recap each meeting and share our hopes for 2023.

Yzabelle Bostyn February 9, 2023
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Welcome to The Cyber Briefing!

Have you ever attended an event and thought 'I wish I had more time to think about that topic? Thanks to our new podcast, you can!

Cyber EPQ: Module Breakdown

In this short presentation, we introduce all the modules of the cyber EPQ.

Cyber EPQ: Administrative Details

Read this presentation to learn all the administrative details needed for the cyber EPQ.