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Cyber Security Key Terms and Definitions #2

In this post, we cover more key cyber security terms.

How to Use Drama to Inspire Online Safety

In this workshop pack, learn how you can promote cyber security education and awareness through drama.

Creating the Perfect Password

Ever wondered how to create an unhackable password? Check out this short presentation to learn how to create a great password.

Hack Your House: Worksheet

Ever dreamed of being a hacker? Get a taste with this hack your house worksheet!

Lesson Eight: Mobile Working

These days, you can work from anywhere, but that doesn't mean it's always safe. Discover how to stay safe in our short presentation.

Lesson Seven: Perfect Passwords

Unfortunately, Password123 is a weak password, so how can you make sure it strong? Read on to discover how to make a great password.

Lesson Six: Phishing Fears

In this short presentation, we cover how to avoid being caught in a phishing scam, why they're dangerous and what you can do about them.

Lesson Five: Mastering Malware

You've been warned against malware millions of times, but do you know how to master it? Discover how in this short presentation.

Lesson Four: Digital Footprint

Everything you do online leaves a footprint, but what does that mean for your security? Read this short presentation to learn more.